Lawless – Jenna Rae

This was a well written interesting book, full of uncomfortable topics that’s hard to describe as enjoyable because of those topics, but was nonetheless a good read. I have to admit I think I must have misread the blurb for this – I was convinced a romance was going to be appearing somewhere in the … Continue reading Lawless – Jenna Rae

Closeness – Y.L. Wigman

3.25 stars. This book is a little bit different. I found it to be an interesting read but I probably wouldn’t revisit it. If you like a mix of contemporary and historical romance you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Set in Australia Duscha inherits a home from her estranged father unexpectedly. She’s mourning the death of … Continue reading Closeness – Y.L. Wigman

What Happened After… Celebrities Series Finale (Celebrities #5) – Nicole Pyland

A really great ending to the celebrities series. I’ve always loved how Pyland finishes each series with a What Happened After… collection, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Usually a WHA normally includes a story for each of the couples we meet in the series, Pyland mixed it up slightly this time, doing two slightly longer … Continue reading What Happened After… Celebrities Series Finale (Celebrities #5) – Nicole Pyland

Ice Queen – Gun Brooke

I have to admit that until the release of this I hadn’t been aware of Brooke’s romances, only her sci-fi work and therefore hadn’t taken the opportunity to read her work. I was pleasantly surprised by the book and enjoyed how it introduced important topics outside the main romance itself. Aislin is a school guidance … Continue reading Ice Queen – Gun Brooke

Flinging It – G. Benson

This is a beautifully written book about a divisive topic – infidelity. Benson approaches the topic from a character-driven point of view, giving us the opportunity to get inside the main character’s thoughts and feelings, giving us the ability to understand even if we might not necessarily agree were we to encounter the same situation … Continue reading Flinging It – G. Benson


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