A Shot at Gold (Sports Series #2) – Nicole Pyland

Rating: 5 out of 5.
I was really happy to see this book scheduled for release. Strangely as someone who loves lesbian sports romances and as a former archer I’d never considered that I needed the combination, but wow, this is a great book that is going to be hitting my to re-read pile. I’m a big Pyland fan anyway, but the books just keeping getting better and better. If I didn’t have so many others to read I’d start it again straight away.

The archery language is spot on, you get just enough to understand the intricacies of the sport, to make it interesting, but not to overwhelm you with jargon. The passion both MCs have for the sport in their own ways really shines through and I was happy to see that it factored heavily into the HEA.

Both characters enter the storyline carrying hurt from their pasts and Pyland writes about both their own individual journeys, and the journey of their relationship beautifully. The portrait of love and loss is balanced so well I found myself relating easily to both MCs and was rooting for them to get together from an early stage.

Whilst the book is the second in a series, it’s a standalone with regards to characters and storyline, so if you haven’t read the first (you should, it’s also fantastic), don’t let it stop you giving this one a read.

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