The Stars at Night – Gerri Hill

Rating: 4 out of 5.
This one is a bit of an odd one to review for me. It’s a nice read, it’s a pleasant book, tranquil in tone and setting, I really enjoyed reading it – but it didn’t excite me. It’s my first read of a Hill book (I know – another author I need to find time for) so I was really surprised to find that it didn’t make me want to grab all of her back catalogue. To be fair – I suspect the lack of excitement for me is probably due to the very laid back nature of the book, which is in this case is appropriate and works perfectly.

Kyler is a park ranger – transferred out to her remote state park after getting caught hooking up with her boss’s wife. I love how the book explores her having fallen in love with her new surroundings, her new hobbies and her sweet embarrassment about them.

Lexie’s parents run the lodge at the state park. She’s been made redundant from her job and is feeling lost so takes takes up the offer to try running the lodge for them. She’s more a city girl and the park is a bit of a culture shock for her. Much like with Kyler the narrative around her realising what the environment, a quieter life and family mean to her make the book.

The secondary characters are great. Lexie’s brother and parents closeness to both Kyler and Lexie allow us to see different sides of both MCs. I loved the communication between all of the characters in this story. The book just feels so open, peaceful and grown-up in character outlook – it’s very refreshing.

Whilst I can’t instantly think of any comparators to this book, I will definitely be checking out more Hill in the future and would recommend this to any fans of wlw romance.

I received an e-ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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