The Last First Kiss – Julie Cannon

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
3.5 stars. There are some elements of this book I really enjoyed and others I still find myself a little unsure on. Overall I’d say I found this to be a pleasant read, with some really likeable characters, but I wouldn’t find myself wanting to re-read I don’t think.

Matt is a single mother. Her wife was an Army nurse who died in Afghanistan six years ago. She hasn’t had the opportunity to have anytime to herself or to think about moving on romantically. The Army, her in-laws and her son have all had negative reactions to her possibly finding a new partner.

Her best friends take the opportunity to send her to a lesbian resort when her son heads to camp for the summer and to make sure she “participates” fully, they decide to go with her.

Kelly is an electrician who planned to go to the same lesbian resort with her now ex-girlfriend. She owns her own business and is looking for the opportunity to relax and get away.

I liked both characters independently and together. They undoubtedly have chemistry and I enjoyed them getting to know each other. Matt’s bumbling lack of confidence was amusing and I enjoyed the interactions that the best friends provided too. Despite the fact the majority of the book takes place over a mere ten days or so, and mainly in one setting I was impressed at the way Cannon succeeded in keeping the narrative fresh.

The ending is the thing that really threw me off giving this a four star review. I liked the reason the Kelly and Matt are pulled apart, and I even liked how they are brought back together, I just didn’t like the where or the situation it took place in. I think it was done in order to show a clear delineation of Matt moving from one partner to another in her life, but it made me uncomfortable that it would take place in that environment. It’s likely to be my own personal opinion though – so don’t let it put you off giving this a try.

I will definitely be checking out more Cannon books in the future.

I received an e-ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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