Finding Forever (Your Way #3) – Jamey Moody

Rating: 4 out of 5.
I’m not sure how Moody does it, but yet again I seem to have really connected with and love one of her books! This is the third instalment in the Your Way Series, about a group of friends who opened their own fitness centre together.

This book focusses on Stella, the third of the friends. She thought she had her forever when she met her wife Danielle, but after twenty years of marriage she passed away. Six years have now passed and Stella is quite happy by herself, spending time with her friends and surrogate niece and nephew, or so she things.

We’ve met Sofia before in previous instalments, she’s friends with Olivia, who falls for Frankie in book one of the series – Finding Home. She’s a teacher, and has a bit of a reputation from moving on from one woman to the other.

I really liked that Moody didn’t feel the need to introduce another character to the group in order to find forever for Stella. The growth of both main characters for this instalment is one of the fun parts of the book, seeing both of them come to their own conclusions about how they’ve changed and how that fits with each other.

I’m not normally one for crying at books, but this one had me. This is an age gap romance, with a significant age difference, something I have some experience in. Because of this I enjoy age gap romances, but often find myself frustrated at the typical depictions of immaturity, or ageism and the like. Whilst these briefly appear here through their friends, I felt Moody has managed a really respectful and honest depiction of what it feels like to be in that kind of relationship.

As always with the last book of this kind of series it’s nice to catch up with the rest of the friends and see how their romances have moved on. There are some great friend moments in the narrative that I don’t want to give away.

I would highly recommend this series for anyone looking for some easy to read, sweet but realistic wlw romance. You could read this as a standalone, but I think you’ll enjoy it more if you start at the beginning.

I received an e-ARC directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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