Live This Love – Jamey Moody

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
I’m really struggling to read anything that isn’t light and feel good at the moment, so thought I’d take the opportunity to read Moody’s first book as I’ve enjoyed all of her others so far.

Happy to say I enjoyed this one too. It has some of the hallmarks of a new author that don’t appear in her later work, but the story is enjoyable and a good read.

I liked both Alex and Riley and their romance, I also enjoyed that any conflict that appears is caused by outside factors and not by some unnecessary conflict between either of them. It deals with a difficult topic in one of their pasts, and I thought it was done really well.

Would recommend to sapphic romance fans, and as it’s set in the Virgin Islands it has a real ‘get-away’ feeling to it as well.

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