Love Forged – Nicole Pyland

Rating: 5 out of 5.
If you read my reviews regularly you’ll know I’m a big Pyland fan, and to be honest I had thought the Sports series couldn’t be beaten, and then Love Forged was released. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve actually read a friends to lovers romance, so I can’t speak completely to it’s originality but it felt fresh and authentic to me.

Tate and Flynn are best friends. They grew up together, have done almost everything together in their lives, and are now embarking on their next journey together – med school. Unexpectedly Tate receives a letter out of the blue, that turns both of their lives upside down.

I don’t read the blurbs on Pyland books, I just look forward to them when they’re released, so this narrative came as a complete surprise to me. The title doesn’t give away much (though now I’ve read it, the title is perfect), and I definitely wasn’t expecting such a warm, thoughtful book. It was a pleasure to settle in for a few hours and get lost in this blossoming friends to lovers romance.

Whilst at its heart it’s a friends to lovers romance, it also deals with grief, loss, family and the characters finding themselves. Best of all for me, there was no crazy conflict between the two. Other than some initial communication breakdowns that felt very authentic in the world of trying to tell your best friend that you’re gay, the conflict in this purely relates to outside sources and provides a great narrative to show the couple growing together.

i’m deliberately keeping this review shorter than normal. I don’t want to give away anything else that happens and want people to be able to enjoy for themselves. If you haven’t read Pyland before, I would highly recommend starting here. If you have, you should definitely enjoy this one too.

I received an e-ARC directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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