The Adventurers – Bryce Oakley

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Bryce Oakley is fast becoming one of the authors I enjoy reading the most. This had me laughing out loud many times and I really enjoyed all the one-liners and banter in this book, from all of the characters.

I thought the realities of Joey’s breakup were written really well, and I loved how the characters first came together as friends. It’s also always a bonus when you have interesting and cute animals written in. I also really appreciated the gender neutral secondary character of Taylor.

The only thing missing from this to make it a five-star book for me was I need more backstory about Kendall. Joey’s story felt fleshed out and whilst we learned things about Kendall I felt I was missing some things about her prior relationships that would cause her to be the way she is. If I’m honest I also wanted a bit more time with the two of them after they went from friends to lovers, most of the being together part of the book was angsty and that was a shame.

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