Infinite Loop – Meghan O’Brien

Rating: 5 out of 5.
I’ve had this on my TBR stack for a while and now I’ve finished I’m not sure why I let it sit there so long. I LOVED this book. Both characters are great, their back stories have genuine depth and there is no breakup angst in this book at all, which made it refreshing and unusual.

The book is really well balanced, covering life tragedies – both current and past – with both insight and empathy. Mel and Regan fall in love with each other – opening up a new world neither had previously considered.

Regan is a geek, who has some of the typical introvert tendencies you’d probably associate with a character of this type and I really appreciated how O’Brien doesn’t turn this into a “fault”, instead using this trait to provide some really nice, as well as comedic moments in the story. Mel is a cop with a buried sensitive side. For me seeing her become aware of this and open herself up to a chosen family of both Regan and her work partner was my favourite part of the book.

I’m definitely going to want to read this one again and I’d recommend it to any wlw romance fan.

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