Northern Vows – Lise Gold

Rating: 4 out of 5.
I’m a big fan of Lise Gold and this one didn’t disappoint. This book brings together all of the featured characters from the Compass series for the wedding of Hannah and Kristine.

I loved that Gold chose to close this series by taking us back to the beginning – to Norway – where Northern Lights is set. The wedding setting is great in reintroducing us to all of the friends. I loved Hannah and Kristine’s story in the first two books of the series so getting to read the next part of their journey was great.

I liked that Gold didn’t feel the need to provide grand sweeping changes for all of the characters in the book. Two of the couples experience big changes in their lives to give them HEAs, but others stay in their stable lives, happy together, which makes the other changes work better in my opinion. It was great to return to Madison and Ally and how Madison’s relationship with Theo as her step-son has progressed. Kate and Felicia have always made me laugh with their headstrong ways and I loved the humour they provided to this story.

Some of the secondary characters get some closure, old friends making up, brothers changing, so it isn’t all about the romance. To me one of the things I love most about Gold is how she writes about the little things, and the fact that she manages to write about a group of friends staying at a resort for a week and it not be repetitive is fantastic. There is a little bit of a new romance included in the storyline for Daisy, which is sweet, mirroring some of the original book and closes the loop somewhat on this series.

I wouldn’t recommend reading this out of order. You could – it’s still a great story by itself, but you’d miss the richness that knowing these characters already provides to the narrative. Therefore I’d highly recommend starting this series if you haven’t already – Northern Lights is set at Christmas – so it’s the perfect time!

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