One For The Road – Sienna Waters

Rating: 4 out of 5.
I really enjoyed this one and am happy to say I feel like Waters is back on form with this story.

Leo runs the local bar in a small town. She lives her life stuck in the past – serving only beer and a few spirits, just making do to make rent on the bar. On the surface she’s a loveable grump, with a heart of gold.

We meet Sammie after she’s run away from everything she knows, purchased a luxury RV and decided to park it in Leo’s lot. She’s drawn to Leo in a way she’s never experienced before, doesn’t know what she wants from life and just wants to earn enough so she can move on again.

Both main characters had plenty about that them I could identify with and I liked their chemistry. There’s an age gap that feels workable – both of them have experiences that make them quite compatible. The secondary characters were also really great. I liked Sara, who has a lot of wisdom for someone so young, but who was able to connect with both Sammie and Leo. I also liked Leo’s friends and the way they forced her to confront her feelings.

I liked all of the different elements that Waters was able to combine into one narrative, including discovering sexuality, becoming an adult, dealing with exes, grief, closure and a heavy dose of finding oneself, without it all feeling too overburdening or rushed. Even the inevitable angst moment felt like it could happen in real life and that these MCs could have made those choices.

I liked the ending and the communication between the two, especially the recognition of why they work together. I’d recommend this to age gap and romance fans in general.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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